Commit 1465e4f9 authored by Rene Hadler's avatar Rene Hadler

pve6-installer: Add pve user for Proxmox desktop

parent 2ffa78db
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ import subprocess
import requests
# Globale Variablen
VERSION = "1.0.1"
VERSION = "1.0.2"
TITLE = "iteas Proxmox Installer " + VERSION
......@@ -949,6 +949,8 @@ class Installer():
run_cmd('tar -xzf /tmp/KDE_Plasma5_Default_Profile-Proxmox5.tar.gz -C /etc', argShell=True)
run_cmd('mv /etc/KDE_Plasma5_Default_Profile-master /etc/skel', argShell=True)
run_cmd('rm /tmp/KDE_Plasma5_Default_Profile-Proxmox5.tar.gz', argShell=True)
run_cmd('pveum user add user@pve', argShell=True)
run_cmd('echo "123123\n123123" | pveum passwd user@pve', argShell=True)
run_cmd('useradd user -c user -G dialout,cdrom,video,plugdev,games -m -s /bin/zsh -U -p \'$1$bXXXRpOf$cLs.kEex6rSD8horkJzru0\'', argShell=True)
run_cmd('wget -O /etc/sddm.conf')
run_cmd('cd /tmp && git clone && rm -rf /home/user && cp -r proxmox-workstation /home/user && chown -R user:user /home/user', argShell=True)
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