Commit 93f7ba1e authored by Rene Hadler's avatar Rene Hadler
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Fix apt remove

parent 3413c0bc
......@@ -882,7 +882,7 @@ class Installer():
elif self.desktop == "plasma-light-win":
run_cmd('apt install -y lm-sensors curl nomachine firefox-esr firefox-esr-l10n-de virt-viewer kde-plasma-desktop qapt-deb-installer filelight khelpcenter mpv curl task-german-kde-desktop task-german hunspell-de-at hunspell-de-ch hyphen-de mythes-de-ch mythes-de git')
run_cmd('apt remove konqueror', argShell=True)
run_cmd('apt remove -y konqueror', argShell=True)
run_cmd('wget -O /tmp/KDE_Plasma5_Default_Profile-Proxmox5.tar.gz')
run_cmd('rm -rf /etc/skel', argShell=True)
run_cmd('tar -xzf /tmp/KDE_Plasma5_Default_Profile-Proxmox5.tar.gz -C /etc', argShell=True)
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