Commit f0ac3d83 authored by Mario Loderer's avatar Mario Loderer 🚀

VM ID für EDBS gesetzt

parent e2128fc8
......@@ -221,9 +221,8 @@ class Installer():
self.FILESYSTEMS = {"standard": "Standard (ext3/4, reiserfs, xfs)", "zfs": "ZFS"}
self.DESKTOPS = {"kein": "Nein", "plasma": "KDE5-Plasma", "plasma-light": "KDE5-Plasma Light", "plasma-light-win": "KDE5-Plasma Light Windows Workstation", "i3": "i3-WM (testing)"}
self.VM_IMPORTS = {
"114": {"name": "ITEAS Managementserver", "template": False},
"139": {"name": "Windows 7 Pro", "template": True},
"125": {"name": "Windows 10 Pro EDBS alter Updatestand", "template": True},
"114": {"name": "Windows 10 Pro EDBS Update static", "template": True},
"166": {"name": "Windows 10 Pro", "template": True},
"117": {"name": "Windows Server 2008 r2", "template": True},
"120": {"name": "Windows Server 2012 r2", "template": True},
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